1. Do not eat or drink anything (that includes water, coffee, gum, etc.) for 6 HOURS before your appointment. Take your normal medications with a small sip of water except for blood thinners and diabetes medicines. Do not drink any alcohol for 24 hours before surgery.
  2. A responsible adult must be available and physically present in the office upon check-in to escort you home. This person must drive you home or accompany you by taxi only;You may not drive or take public transportation.
  3. After your oral surgery, you should go home and rest there for the remainder of the day. Do not drive an automobile or operate any other machinery, nor should you plan to be responsible for children for 24 hours. Make arrangements to have someone home to assist you for the rest of the day and stay with you overnight.
  4. If you have a cold, severe allergies, or an upper respiratory infection before your surgery, please call the office to make sure it is safe to proceed with your surgery.
  5. For those with thick facial hair and/or beards: Removal is required prior to surgery. Non compliance with this requirement will increase your safety risk for the procedure. Please notify the office if you wish to decline facial hair removal.
  6. For women: If you are, might be, or trying to become pregnant, please be advised that surgery and anesthesia can cause potential problems during pregnancy. You should inform and consult with your doctor to rule out pregnancy before surgery.
  7. For children: Children may have small amounts of clear liquids such as water, apple juice, soda, popsicles, jello, etc. up to 4 hours before surgery
  8. If you were prescribed you an antibiotic, please take 2 tablets the night before your surgery. Then take 1 tablet in the morning with a small sip of water and continue as directed.
  9. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with short sleeves that may be rolled up past the elbow. Do not wear contact lenses, jewelry, or nail polish.