Please observe the following precautions if you have had surgery involving work near or in your sinuses:

  1. DO NOT blow your nose for at least two weeks.
  2. DO NOT forcibly spit for one week.
  3. DO NOT smoke or use smokeless tobacco; smoking greatly inhibits the healing process, especially in the sinuses.
  4. Sneeze with your MOUTH OPEN. If the urge to sneeze arises, do not sneeze through your nose and avoid pinching nostrils.
  5. Drink without a straw for one week.
  6. Avoid swimming for one month and strenuous exercise (e.g. heavy lifting) for one week.
  7. Gentle swishing with salt water may be done for one week, but do not rinse vigorously.
  8. Slight bleeding from the nose is not uncommon and may occur for several days after surgery.